Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Vinyl composite tile is a common choice of floor tile because of its specific benefits, from low cost to high durability. This type of tile’s durability provides for being a good material in high traffic areas of buildings. It yields little difficulty with installation and re-installation, which is another benefit for those with consistently changing styles. At Tri-State Flooring, we offer several selections of vinyl composite tiling, to meet all of our customers’ composite tile needs.

  • Durable Strength

    Vinyl composite floor tile is a bit more versatile than other vinyl tiles, but is still as durable and strong. Like other vinyl floor tiles, vinyl composite tiles are made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but they also contain inorganic filler materials. These fillers make vinyl composite tile much harder than traditional vinyl tiling.

  • Inexpensive

    Although vinyl composite tiles are sturdy, they are also easily replaceable for fixing one damaged floor tile or re-styling the entire floor. Vinyl composite tile is also relatively inexpensive, compared to other floor tiling material options. Regardless of low cost and durability, vinyl composite flooring is still stylish and aesthetically pleasing in a multitude of office and building areas.

Required Maintenance for Vinyl Composite Tile Floors

General cleaning is, of course, a necessary task for any type of floor. With vinyl composite flooring, basic dust-sweeping and mopping will cleanse floors to a sanitary condition. The big steps to maintaining proper care of composite floor tiles are to also provide protection and preventative measures.

After making certain that floors are well cleaned, sealing them and adding a finish to vinyl composite flooring will help keep it lasting longer. In areas that have higher traffic conditions, use multiple layers of sealant and finishing.

If your flooring needs include strong, durable, appealing and inexpensive tile, do not hesitate to call our trusted Tri State Flooring team now. We will provide a vinyl composite floor tile installation that is fit to your next floor project needs. Call today!