Altro Whiterock Installations

Our Altro Whiterock installation services provide hygenic PVCu wall cladding systems that are watertight, seamless and sanitary. These Altro Whiterock benefits are necessary features for any commercial space that needs to maintain sanitary conditions of a high degree. Not only that, this type of wall cladding system also incorporates commercial style from a subtle elegance to a flair of bold statements. Call our Tri State Flooring team today for more information on our professional Altro Whiterock installations.

12 Available Colors & Countless Style Creations

There are 12 available colors to choose from, yet there are various possible style creations. From choosing a one-color themed space, to using a pattern of multiple colors for a space with bold accents, Altro Whiterock upholds not only high standards of hygiene, this wall cladding system also has high standards of aesthetics and style. With so many colors to choose from and designs to create, along with the guarantee of physical durability, sanitary condition, and seamless moisture resistance, Altro Whiterock wall cladding systems are a smart choice for any commercial space.

Maintain High Standard Sanitary Conditions

The seamless edges of Altro Whiterock are designed to be water-tight, wipe-clean surfaces. This type of construct decreases the chance of dirt buildup, moisture issues and other unsanitary harms. This hygiene friendly design is also why Altro Whiterock is greatly implemented in spaces with high sanitation standards. Locations such as in hospitals, laboratories and restaurants are popular spaces that often require the need of PVC wall cladding systems like Altro Whiterock.

Contact us today for more information on our effective and efficient Altro Whiterock installations. Our team will create seamless wall cladding that is ideal for preventing moisture issues, maintaining the utmost of sanitary conditions suitable for hospitals, professional kitchens and commercial locations in between. Call our team now!