Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tile is unlike any ordinary vinyl flooring tile on the market. Luxury vinyl has the same flooring benefits as other vinyl tiles, but with the additional ability to mimic numerous textures and picture designs. At Tri State Flooring, our luxury vinyl tile installation services produce stunning results every time.

Customized & Replica Designs

Luxury vinyl flooring has the added luxury of customizable and replica design options. Though vinyl, this type of luxury flooring can be made to replicate any texture, from wood grain to natural stone. In comparison to the expenses of the actual wood, stone, and materials in between, luxury vinyl tile will yield the same look for a fraction of the price.

Aesthetic Satisfaction & Quality

No matter what you want your luxury vinyl flooring to resemble, our team will provide the exact design to meet your stylistic vision. Along with aesthetic satisfaction, our luxury vinyl floor tile installations are of durable quality for a floor that you can depend on. Luxury vinyl tile also has more resilience that other vinyl tiles, because it has multiple layers of vinyl as well as a backing foundation.

Maintenance Care

Luxury vinyl tile may be more complex than standard vinyl tiling, but up its keep requires the same amount of basic maintenance. Dry dusting and using electric sweepers to remove of topical dirt, dust and allergen particles must be done first, before chemical cleaning or treating with polishing finishes. When using a chemical component while cleaning, make sure it is one that corresponds well with any polishing agents coating the floor once it is clean.

Our luxury vinyl tile installation services will match all of your desires in customized or replica vinyl flooring. If you want a floor that resembles different types of materials and textures, without the cost or upkeep, choose our luxury vinyl tile for your commercial space. Call us at Tri State Flooring today for more information on luxury vinyl tile designs and services.