Linoleum Flooring

At Tri State Flooring, we professionally install linoleum floors in both residential and commercial locations. Linoleum flooring is an exceptional flooring option that is made of several recycled materials, including linseed oil, ground stone, and cork powder. Since recycled materials are mainly used, linoleum floors in general tend to cost less than other flooring options that make use of natural materials. And although this type of flooring is easily cut, it is not easily damaged. Linoleum floors are quite durable and are even water resistant, making it the perfect option for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and other water-prone areas.

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Installation Process

Since linoleum is made of a natural material mixture, it is less difficult to cut, which provides for limitless design aspirations. This feature allows for a mixing of various colors, styles and design patterns. Linoleum floor installations make use of a different kind of glue on the subflooring. They require the use of a unique adherent spread, which often makes it difficult for amateurs to install linoleum floors. Yet our expert team is anything but amateur. We will flawlessly install linoleum floors with ease and satisfaction every time.

Simple Maintenance Requirements

Another huge benefit to linoleum flooring is its lower level of maintenance requirements. Regular floor cleaning can be well maintained with simple sweeping and mopping. Yet, because Linoleum floors can last for decades when properly taken care of, they are susceptible to eventual staining in areas of high use. Having a linoleum floor polished once or twice a year will help to prevent against such staining.
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