Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is similar to other vinyl flooring, except instead of being cut into squares it is in the form of a full sheet. This provides for different benefits over traditional tile-cute vinyl flooring. At Tri State Flooring, we will provide you and your floor with all the benefits possible. Contact us today for more information on our expert sheet vinyl installations.

Cost of Vinyl Sheets versus Tiles

Although strips of sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles both incorporate the vinyl material, sheet vinyl is manufactured and priced differently than tile-forms of flooring. Since manufacturers can produce sheet vinyl in a mass, it is less expensive than purchasing several tiles. Yet, if a sheet vinyl floor gets damaged, either the damaged spot has to be patched or the entire floor would need to be replaced.

Customizable Printing Options

A huge style benefit that is not possible with tile-forms of flooring is limitless design printing capabilities. Since sheet vinyl flooring is constructed and installed in only a few large pieces, rather than with several tiles, the printed design does not have to follow a grid-like system. Sheet vinyl allows for a floor to have a full-design, with a seamless look. Whether it is adding a creative touch or representing a company logo, flooring design options with sheet vinyl are infinite.

Sheet Vinyl Installation Benefits

Sheet vinyl is installed in large sections, rather than piece-by-piece as with vinyl tile. This provides for a seamless style of flooring that is also impermeable to moisture. Since there are not as many surface grooves and creases as with tile floors, moisture is less capable of building up beneath the floor. The most important part of sheet vinyl installation is correctly overlapping edges of the room so that it is secure.

At Tri State Flooring, we will handle all of the sheet vinyl flooring essentials. From custom style and layout designs, to accurate installation, we leave our customers with nothing but satisfaction. Call us now for more information about our fabulous sheet vinyl installation.