Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a great flooring option for floor areas in your business. Our glue-down only hardwood flooring service is reliable and customizable. We incorporate the use of an epoxy sealant that coats and protects the subfloor from moisture, before adhering and laying down the new hardwood floor. This glue-down method is able to be used on various subfloors such as plywood and concrete and does not take excessively long to complete.

Glue-Down Installation

Our glue-down installation services for new hardwood flooring first involves the use of an epoxy sealant to coat the subfloor. Without first coating the subfloor, especially in places near a water source, the floor is left vulnerable and at risk. After adding the protective sealant, we then apply sturdy sturdy glue to surfaces, which will adhere to hardwood panels when attaching them to the protected subfloor.

Hardwood Materials & Style

We use the best hardwood materials for our hardwood flooring installations. From solid oak to maple and a variety of other wood selections, we provide a wide range of color, board widths and textures to choose from. We will create custom floor layouts with these materials in order to fit each of our customers’ unique styles. Along with outstanding aesthetics, our hardwood flooring materials are also sturdy, reliable and long lasting.

Maintenance Requirements for Hardwood Flooring

In order to keep hardwood floors stunning and sanitary, they need general maintenance, cleaning and protective care done often. By simply dusting floors with a polisher and dust-attracting agent before weekly mopping, you can maintain your hardwood floor daily using only a vacuum cleaner secifically for hardwood floors or an electric broom when needed.

Preventative measures, such as sealant coating, should also be done in order to protect your hardwood floor from dirt, oils from cleaner build-up, furniture scratches and more. Adding a protective coating that seals your hardwood floor from these issues will help to keep it lasting and looking new for longer. These cleaning techniques and preventative measures also require less-frequent cleaning because of the protective seal and polished floor finish.

Our talented hardwood floor installing team at Tri State Flooring will create a floor masterpiece fit for any room or workplace. Contact us now to begin your new hardwood flooring installation today!