Stone Flooring

At Tri State Flooring we provide stone floor installations which have a unique style that is both classic yet also eye-catching to the modern viewer. Stone floors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and are reasonably durable for areas with a moderate level of foot traffic. This type of flooring material requires only basic maintenance for proper upkeep that any owner of a commercial locale can handle. We provide our customers with floor maintenance instructions that are directly from the manufacturer, for completely accurate instruction. Contact us now for all of your stone floor installation inquiries or to schedule your stone floor installation today!

Add Distinct Character to Any Commercial Space

A stone floor in any type of professional space will provide impressive character to interior and exterior spaces. We have several stone textures, colors, grouts and styles available for creating the exact look your professional space requires. Allow us to give your commercial flooring project the added character you are looking for, with our skillful stone flooring installation services.

Strength & Durability of Stone Flooring

Of course our impressive stone flooring installations add a unique, eye-catching character, but they are also durable and strong, depending on the type of stone selected. From natural stone to granite, stone floors Tri State Flooring are dependable and strong. We ensure that every flooring installation service that we proved is safe, strong and pleasing to all who walk upon it.

At Tri State Flooring, we provide stone flooring installation services that are safe, strong and as unique as the commercial spaces of our customers. Call us now to schedule your stone floor installation consultation today! Whether your commercial space needs indoor or outdoor stone flooring, we will provide every area with impeccable stone flooring installation services, from start to finish.