Moisture Mitigation of Concrete

Moisture mitigation is a necessary process if your business’s concrete floor or subfloor has been affected by water vapor moisture damage. These vapor emissions are naturally released as concrete slabs dry, yet too much water vapor will result in humidity and mold issues, as well as floor covering failures.

If your commercial space is showing these signs, contact us at Tri State Flooring now, without hesitation. With our moisture mitigation services we make certain that your space is not only free of excess moisture, mold and other resulting issues, we also apply a protective coating to the space for preventative measure against superfluous moisture vapor emission issues in the future.

Signs Your Space is in Need of Moisture Mitigation Services

One major sign of needing moisture mitigation services for the concrete in your commercial space is the presence of humidity. Excess humidity in a particular area is an immediate sign of having a water moisture vapor problem within surrounding concrete slabs, which need the help of moisture mitigation. Floor coverings which do not adhere properly to concrete subfloors are also a major sign of water vapor damage emanating from concrete slabs. If you have noticed any peeling or warped parts of floor coverings throughout the space, you may already have water moisture vapor issues and damage.

Our Epoxy Sealant & Service Process

Our moisture mitigation services take an additional preventative step to protecting concrete slabs from moisture vapor damage in the future. We include a layer of our epoxy sealant with our moisture mitigation services. This sealant will effectively protect concrete floor space from water moisture vapor and resulting moisture issues in the future.

At Tri State Flooring, we provide thorough moisture mitigation services, from when we start to well after we leave. If you have been experiencing any type of moisture-related issue, contact us at Tri State Flooring immediately. Call us today for more information on scheduling our professional moisture mitigation services for the space in need.