Flash Cove Installations

Flash cove installations are a necessary part of any space needing to remain a sanitary environment or simply well protected. A flash cove is a wall and flooring technique used to promote extreme sanitary conditions, and to prevent water and moisture damage, dirt build up, et cetera… Contact us at Tri State Flooring now for more information on our excellent flash cove installation tactics, or to schedule a consultation of your commercial space today!

Flash Cove Installation Process

Flash cove installations incorporate a baseboard around the wall’s lower perimeter that extends up the wall a few inches from the ground. This baseboard semi-wall is formed by extending the edge of resilient, yet reinforced, sheet flooring up the wall instead of cutting the edge at the base of the wall. The flash cove method produces a seamless crease from floor to wall, which disables water seepage and dirt build up. This helps to make for ideal conditions in spaces that require sanitary surroundings.

Primary Uses

Since flash cove installations help maintain sanitary conditions and prevent moisture issues, these installations are ideal for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and similar institutions. Though such locations are the primary spaces for flash cove installations, they are also fitting for residential areas as well. Basements, for instance, are constantly susceptible to moisture problems. Having a flash cove floor and wall layout in your basement, rather than a simple seam connecting the floor and wall, will prevent excess water and moisture from getting behind walls and into subflooring.

Contact us now for more information on our expert flash cove installations. No matter the type of area that is in need of a flash cove installation, our reliable Tri State Flooring team can help. Our installation process is skillful, effective and efficient, every time. Call our team today!