Carpet Installations

Carpeting from our Tri State Flooring team makes use of direct glue down methods and stretch-in fittings to provide durable carpeting installations. We have reliable services for a wide array of carpet fiber materials, styles and colors to choose from. No matter your preference of installation or style, we have the right fit for every style and room. Call now!

Stretch-In Installations

Our stretch-in carpeting installations incorporate an extra layer between the carpeting of your choice and the flooring in the room being serviced. This layer acts as a cushion for those walking on the carpet above it. From this cushion layer to the carpet itself, each are individually placed on a tack strip and stretched toward another tack strip, which are nailed around the perimeter of the room.

Direct Glue Down Methods

Standard direct glue down of carpeting involves adhering carpet directly onto the floor base. Though this method of carpet installation does not make an added layer of cushioning possible our durable adherent works with a variety of floor bases from cement to wood and other flooring materials. We are also able to incorporate double glue down carpet installations. This method incorporates a layer of padding within the glue down application.

Carpet Maintenance Procedures

  • General cleanliness is important for maintaining any type of flooring. Make regular vacuuming part of your routine cleaning ritual.
  • Deep cleaning can also be done to carpeting for ensuring a cleaning that takes care of more than just surface dirt. From dry powder cleaning to dry foam extracting procedures, general carpet maintenance will keep the carpeting in its best condition.
  • Applying a protectant to carpeting increases the lifespan of carpeting. Carpet protectants help each fiber fight against dirt stains, allergens and other unwanted particles—especially in high-use walking areas.

Fit for All Styles & Texture Preferences

Whether your style and texture preference sits near neutral colored looped carpet fibers or vibrant hues of level loop carpeting, we have the carpet flooring fit for your unique style.

For a list of some of our current carpeting inventory, call now! Contact us today at Tri State Flooring for more information on our fiber material selection and carpeting installation services. We will ensure that your next re-flooring project is done correctly and professionally, start to finish.